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Request for help with crafting books!


I ask you for help with saving contents of crafting books. I can't do it personally, because I don't have maximum levels in everything. (contents of this book are dynamic and depending on your crafting level)

There are 2 ways to do this:
1) retyping contents
2) apply simple patch, rebuild client from scratch and save contents with one button (I give patch, when somebody will need it)

PS: Please note, that "Working with stock" depends on 2 skills: blacksmith and metallurgy and you can craft nothing but making ingots and stocks from ore. I need this book too.

If you post book contents for me, please, put your rank which needed for the book. It is very useful information.

Andoryn Thaakor:

I'm amazed this has so little response... I have a legit reason not being able to...

Erelenga Karal:
As far as I remember a year backwards, I discussed this with Aljuvialle in game or in IRC. I tried to implement this patch but failed building a client which supported it correctly, my crafting books didn't contain a working "Save" button afterwards. But I was able to filter interesting information from the network packet exchange ... with little use due to my low levels. And I remember Aiwendil was able to get it running, so with a little help I could try it again.

I often tried to start implementing a website where one could enter available recipes, but never found enough spare time to finish it...

It is a pity that Aljuvialle disappeared not long after joining us.


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