Author Topic: The Dire Wanderings of Xarthen  (Read 3274 times)


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The Dire Wanderings of Xarthen
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  A large Kran appears near the university, looking uncomfortable at being surrounded by so many people. Spying a student near the stairs, kra approaches, carefully avoiding the shadows of the nearby trees.  Kra hands her a letter, saying "One of your guild asked me to bring this here.  Please deliver it to your faculty." The letter reads:

  Respected faculty and students of the University,

  As many of you know, I have been exploring throughout Yliakum for many years in the hope of enriching our knowledge of its wonders.  I have seen many exceptional things, and have attempted to study them as well as I may.  Occassionally I am able to return and share what I have found, but recently this has proved most difficult.

  I was led to my studies through the path of the warrior, with a particular interest in weapons.  As I worked to improve my skills, I came across wonderous weapons of great power and dweomer.  Their like has not been achieved by any modern crafter, and I began to wonder how they may have been made, by whom, and where.  As there was clearly magic involved, I undertook to learn a little of dweomercraft, studying anything magical I could find.

  Perhaps it was here that I made a mistake, as magic is subtle and powerful.  It is given to us by the gods and passed on by those who have become powerful.  I have been grateful for what I have found but I sometimes have cause to wonder for what purpose some of these things have entered the world.  I fear now that in my quest for knowledge I may have ventured into a dangerous realm.  I fear that I may have encountered a terrible effect: a price of my ignorance, or even a curse.

  Working with magic, especially unknown magic, can be dangerous.  It also requires much concentration and can leave one vulnerable.  Therefore, I chose to work well away from populated areas, in the depths of the hills and forests.  All seemed to be going well, until I began to make visits to the towns and cities with the hopes of discussing my discoveries with others.  But much to my horror I have discovered that when I am around people I now sometimes loose control of my actions and quite frequently I faint entirely.  Sometimes I wake up in places other than where I was when I lost consciousness.  In my dreams I hear a voice speaking of leaves and of something or someone being replaced.  It is my belief that somewhere in the forests I unwittingly released some magical spirit, and that when I am around others it seeks to take me over and forces me from my own body.

  I appeal to those of you who may know anything of curses or possession to help me now and send word of anything that may help.  I will soon try to visit, or to send notice of where I may be found.

  Your troubled compatriot,