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Public library / The Dire Wanderings of Xarthen
« Last post by Xarthen on May 23, 2009, 08:46:05 PM »
  A large Kran appears near the university, looking uncomfortable at being surrounded by so many people. Spying a student near the stairs, kra approaches, carefully avoiding the shadows of the nearby trees.  Kra hands her a letter, saying "One of your guild asked me to bring this here.  Please deliver it to your faculty." The letter reads:

  Respected faculty and students of the University,

  As many of you know, I have been exploring throughout Yliakum for many years in the hope of enriching our knowledge of its wonders.  I have seen many exceptional things, and have attempted to study them as well as I may.  Occassionally I am able to return and share what I have found, but recently this has proved most difficult.

  I was led to my studies through the path of the warrior, with a particular interest in weapons.  As I worked to improve my skills, I came across wonderous weapons of great power and dweomer.  Their like has not been achieved by any modern crafter, and I began to wonder how they may have been made, by whom, and where.  As there was clearly magic involved, I undertook to learn a little of dweomercraft, studying anything magical I could find.

  Perhaps it was here that I made a mistake, as magic is subtle and powerful.  It is given to us by the gods and passed on by those who have become powerful.  I have been grateful for what I have found but I sometimes have cause to wonder for what purpose some of these things have entered the world.  I fear now that in my quest for knowledge I may have ventured into a dangerous realm.  I fear that I may have encountered a terrible effect: a price of my ignorance, or even a curse.

  Working with magic, especially unknown magic, can be dangerous.  It also requires much concentration and can leave one vulnerable.  Therefore, I chose to work well away from populated areas, in the depths of the hills and forests.  All seemed to be going well, until I began to make visits to the towns and cities with the hopes of discussing my discoveries with others.  But much to my horror I have discovered that when I am around people I now sometimes loose control of my actions and quite frequently I faint entirely.  Sometimes I wake up in places other than where I was when I lost consciousness.  In my dreams I hear a voice speaking of leaves and of something or someone being replaced.  It is my belief that somewhere in the forests I unwittingly released some magical spirit, and that when I am around others it seeks to take me over and forces me from my own body.

  I appeal to those of you who may know anything of curses or possession to help me now and send word of anything that may help.  I will soon try to visit, or to send notice of where I may be found.

  Your troubled compatriot,
 *** The History of Andoryn Thaakor ***

As percieved by Andoryn Thaakor, AY 894.

Author: Andoryn Thaakor.

Publisher: Andoryn Thaakor.
Scribe: Andoryn Thaakor. (Who else? Gosh.)


I know, this is in third person, but thats just because I'm reflecting on myself. Not who I am now. I hope you will take this into account while reading this.

Enjoy a little peephole into my world.

- Andoryn

** Chapter one: So who does that Andoryn think she is? **


From far into the crystal space,
There spawned a brand new face.
An Ynnwn was born,
And so she was torn,
Between two worlds.

From Nolthrir and Diaboli she spawned,
Andoryn was born and the whole palace yawned.
This is a princess, so she'll be raised,
There was the Ynnwn and not the mage.
Between two worlds.


Andoryn does think of herself. But in an informal manor. There's little to hide, much a matter of taste. Who cares? Her friends. If you can live with this monstrocity, and call her by her name, you're a friend of Andoryn.

So what does she really think of herself? Or what is known already? The basics are important...

Well, so much worked out: She is the legal heir to the throne of Anorax, and she's the holder of the Crystal Ring and the chalice of Anorax. Lovely drinking cup, but some sort of second rank throphy beaker aswell.

Her descendence makes things clear. As first child of Baarn Thaakor and 'xThna Thaakor, she holds heirship to the throne, even before her mother, since she came of age, 3 years ago.

Being the lawful heir, she has the Crystal ring. A special necklace, made of enchanted diamonds, that holds the power of Anorax. She has a Crystal Ring around her finger aswell, kindly given by Rell Farrigan, her dear friend and companion in life and death for a long time.

Hell, but Anorax is on Land's End, the 5th level. How did she end up here? In Hydlaa? Up on the dome?

Yeah well, that's a bit of a weird story. She could have stayed just as well... You'll see...

It's like this: She was tired of tiredness...

Sounds like a paradox, but think of it. Wouldn't you want to seek adventure when you're cooped up in a tower with every whim adressed? By the gods, that's worse than doing nothing.

It still took a nudge though. As her father became mysteriously ill, and no-one around that could help him, until a mage from the dome visited him. Levrus. He was the one that saved her father that afternoon, and rekindled her interest in magick and the powers that lie in the ways and the glyphs. Having none near with more power than trickery requires, it became clear to her she'd have to leave home.

So she became aroused by all that might, now what? She's got up to kill us all, just remember my words when the time comes. All that power in the hands of a young adult without experience?

Oh really? You think so? Hmz. Maybe we have to get back to her infant years. Maybe that will give you some insight.

Andoryn isn't a normal girl, sheesh, the idea. She was born at the 5th high tide, you know...?

For a -to be emporess-, that's a mighty good sign. It's a lucky number, you know? Five has always held good fortune along the community. It foretells good tidings for both herself as for her people. And she's always been curious about magic... Now how come that huh?

Well, ever since Dinthaka, her younger sister, revived a clacker from death, she's been trying to do the same. And she's become adamant about knowledge. Anything regarding magic, Andoryn absorbed and expanded on. Knowledge from books and hearsay is not enough. She tries to find her own.

So when Levrus saved her father, and she saw there was even more to learn, she asked this quaint wizard for guidance and help.

That's when she came to the dome. And even though the light was something to get accustomed to, she went out and ventured around Hydlaa and beyond to gain knowledge about all the curiosities of Hydlaa and magick. Taking up apprenticeship with Levrus, for as far as he can teach her.

Her mother let her go with hesitation. A diaboli dislikes magic in any form. But 'xaThna understood the importance of her daughter's quest.

Her father was delighted! His firstborn becoming a mage, was the best he could think of! She'd be a formidable successor being a mage aswell. Well, sort of. It's all a matter of opinion or viewpoint, you know? To some, magic is as common as drinking a mug of ale.

It's not easily explained, but it's still the prime drive for little Andoryn, and sometimes a bane and burdon. The pursuit of knowledge, and in particular, the knowledge of magic has kept her busy since then.

Wowsers! So she's to be a mage? Wow. Erm. You think that was a good idea? I'm not sure either way. She has some power, but control? I doubt it.

First spell she cast, set fire to a tefusang tail. He wasn't happy with it, I can tell you. Neither was Andoryn, because she aimed at the fireplace. So it was decided, that for her to learn the magick ways, she'd have to go up. To the dome, where mages are more common, and where she could find teachers in the subject. And so she arrived in Hydlaa.

Don't ever think it was easy. When Andoryn saw the dome, all reason fell apart. She literally had to learn about everything you need to know when you have to take care of yourself. So it was a troubling time. But she met Rell Farrigan...

** Chapter Two: Rell Farrigan **

Andoryn arrived at the North gate one fair morning. The air smelled like all cities smell. Bubbling with activity, but with the distinct stink all places with crowds develop over time. After a less than fruitful talk with the guard she later got to know as Remant, she heard a voice behind her.

"Greetings", said a handsome Ylian, his blonde hair and beard perfectly matching his steelblue eyes. I told the man I was new in town, and he told me: "It's difficult when you can only fight rats." Well, that opened her eyes.

The Ylian was good enough to help her acquire the first job, killing rats in the sewers. He even stayed along and nursed her wounds whenever she got hurt.

She's proud to have such a good friend: Rell Farrigan. But I'll tell more about it along the way. He's not the only friend She found in Hydlaa and Akkaio, but the first and the dearest.

He taught her the basic skills. Mining, knives and daggers, swords, armor use and magic. Little did she know back then, about his role in her life.

She has been fortunate, to find such good friends in Yliakum. People like Agara, Silavur, Oningo, and Taloth. Illysia, Indygo, Einnol and Reapbel. Arka, Jaycc, Elenol and Erelenga. Oh I could go on for quite a while still.

Some of these friends were found in the worst of times, and some in the best. Some just came along and never left. They are all dear to her.

Rell occupies a special place in her heart though.

- To be continued. -
Public library / Andoryn's book of unique games - 1st volume
« Last post by Andoryn Thaakor on April 16, 2009, 09:32:04 PM »
** Andoryn's book of unique games - first volume **

In this book:

Pterosaur Petals.
Black Barn.
Budged Ale.
Partial Parting.


Pterosaur Petals:

Needs: One 5 sided and one 7 sided die. Give player a 5 sided die.

Player throws twice with 5-sided die. Then house throws twice with 7-sided die. Biggest number rules in both. 35 will become 53.

A player 5 will overrule a house 7. Think of it as an 8. Largest number wins.

Payout 2 to 1. Minimum bet 100.


Black Barn: One player.

Needs: One 7 sided die.

Player and house throw once then player gets a second throw.

Player can ask for additional throws till he reaches 18 or above. Above means forfeit.

Then house takes throws till 18 or above. Above means bust. If same, house wins.

Payout 2 to 1. Minimum bet, 250.


Budged Ale: More players possible.

Needs: A 7 sided die, a 5 sided die and a 3 sided die.

Bank throws all dice in order. Player(s) then throws dice in order.

If bank numbers are higher 2 out of three times, disregarding the order, player looses.

If player numbers are higher 2 out of three times, disregarding the order, payout 2 to 1.

If all player numbers are bigger, disregarding the order, payout 5 to 1.


Partial Parting:

Needs: 7 sided die and 8 sided die.

Each player throws in turn with the bank, round robin style. Bank throws 7 sided die, player 8 sided die. This one needs good scorekeeping. If anyone throws the same number as last turn before, not being a one, both throws are repeated twice. The goal is to acquire as much one's as possible after 5 turns each.

Example. One Player throws in turn with the rest: 1 (Counts as point) 1 (counts as point) 7 (nocount) 7 (repeatthrow into 4 times -no round robin there-, (1,2,8,8 repeat again -2 times 2 times for last double 8 - (1,1,7,4 - No rethrow here, because it's ones.)) 4 (rethrow again (3,7,8,4). Equals 5 points in the end.

Payout 2 to 1 to the ones acquiring more "ones" than the bank.

-- This is a special volume made by Andoryn Thaakor for Indygo Matteao. All rights reserved. Published in his memory, since he went lost, and left no word.
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