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Forum Rules and Information / Forum Agreement - Please read before registering.
« Last post by Admin on December 15, 2014, 07:19:18 PM »

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Public library / Re: PS Tutorial Guide
« Last post by Roled Rolak on December 20, 2011, 06:48:03 AM »
Illysia! Thanks so much for re-capturing all this!
See you at the Ball, and btw, thanks for organizing the Ball!
Public library / Re: PS Tutorial Guide
« Last post by Illysia Caterean on December 20, 2011, 01:33:37 AM »
Arihay heads back to the places she started the tutorial at to find Xenak

Quest Menu Choice: I've finished the tutorial!

Xenak cheers happily.

Xenak says: Congratulations! I am so glad that you have taken the time to complete the entire tutorial.  Now, are you sure you've finished everything?

Quest Menu Choice: Yes, I've finished everything.

Xenak says: I am so pleased with your progress. In fact, I'm so pleased I'll give you some nice hints, are you ready?

Quest Menu Choice: Yes, let's hear your words of wisdom.

Xenak says: Yes, yes, I do have some words of wisdom as you called it.

Xenak tilts his head as if trying to remember.

Xenak says: Always remember to sheath your weapons when entering the cities, especially Hydlaa.

Xenak smiles.

Xenak says: Be sure to check your inventory, because that's where you should start your journey! Enjoy Yliakum!

Quest Menu Choice: Thanks!

Xenak says: Bye!

Condensed Extra Tips - Coming Soon (tm)
Public library / Re: PS Tutorial Guide
« Last post by Illysia Caterean on December 20, 2011, 01:15:20 AM »
Note: The urls given out in the tutorial are in here and you can click on them here. It kinda helps if urls are given in a convenient and usable way. ;)

Arihay heads down the path to her left to find Xargon. She walks down the stairs to avoid fall damage

Quest Menu Choice: I heard you have some more to teach me.

[NPC] Xargon Guurn says: Ah, welcome to you and correct, I am going to instruct you on what makes PlaneShift different from many other online games. Are you ready?

Quest Menu Choice: Yes, I am ready to learn more about what makes PlaneShift so different.

Xargon Guurn says: PlaneShift is a game meant for IN CHARACTER interactions, by Roleplaying your character's personality and relationships with other characters.

Xargon Guurn nods.

Xargon Guurn says:  The players and developers of PlaneShift are working to create an immersive fantasy Roleplaying world where the player's character comes to life, instead of merely another place to rank up power and items while the player chats about TV or Real Life stuff, PlaneShift offers the player the chance to Roleplay their character, to live in and move through a world that is not ours.

Xargon Guurn pauses.

Xargon Guurn says: Have you played any other Roleplaying games?

Quest Menu Choice: No, I have not played any other Roleplaying games.

Xargon Guurn says: Ah, that's good so you'll have no preconceptions. Well here are some general things you may use when you are roleplaying.

Xargon Guurn carefully rubs his wing with the back of his axe.

Xargon Guurn says: First, you should have a general idea of what your character is. This will allow you to pick a general tone for your character, and maybe even a way of speaking. As an example, a farm worker will have a different outlook on life than a wealthy merchant or a mercenary fighter. Your character might also have a lisp, a wandering eye, an odd habit, a love of rich foods, or a passion for riddles. These are all things that you can decide as your character develops.

Xargon Guurn chuckles.

Xargon Guurn says: Which one of the above sounds the most interesting to you?

Quest Menu Choice: Arihay licks her lips, "Food, I love food."

Xargon Guurn says: Well cooking may be a skill you'll like, perhaps that will become part of your character's abilities. Let's continue: second, you must be able to keep what you, the player, know separate from what your character knows. As a very simple example, the game displays the names of other players you encounter above their heads, so, you, the player, know it. However, your character cannot see a name floating in the air, so this person's name is unknown to your character until introductions are made. For example:

Xargon Guurn bows to you.

Xargon Guurn says: Greetings, stranger, and welcome to the city of Hydlaa. Lovely weather we're having, aye?

Quest Menu Choice: It is indeed a beautiful day.

Xargon Guurn grins.

Xargon Guurn says: Ah yes, third: don't be afraid to let your character change!  As in real life, your character's actions in the PlaneShift world will shape their character.When you first start playing, your character may be an idealistic hunter who believes that they are undefeatable in combat, but after a few trips through the Death Realm, they may take on a more cautious tone, as they will have learned that they can be defeated, be careful as the Death Realm can be a very tricky place, there are penalties for going there. Tell me to continue if you are ready to learn about more about PlaneShift and Roleplay.

Quest Menu Choice: Please continue to explain about PlaneShift and Roleplay.

Xargon Guurn says: While talking is a very useful tool to roleplay, you also have to be able to express yourself in other fashions, eh? Facial expressions for example.

Xargon Guurn grins.

Xargon Guurn says: Or even more complicated actions.

Xargon Guurn kicks at the ground, stirring up some dust.

Xargon Guurn says: The way to do these things is to use the /me command. For example, if you typed '/me sneezes.,' everybody around you would see ' Arihay sneezes.' Go ahead and try it, and then tell me...

Xargon Guurn sneezes.

Xargon Guurn says: Ah, tell me 'may Talad bless you' when you are ready for more.

Xargon Guurn sniffs.

Quest Menu Choice: May Talad bless you.

Xargon Guurn says: Thanks!

Xargon Guurn says: To learn more about roleplay, there is a guide on the PlaneShift website you should read.You can find it at - it is well-written, I hope that you will give it a few minutes of your time. Go ahead and write down the address and let me know when you are ready.

Quest Menu Choice: Done, I am ready to continue.

Xargon Guurn says: Very good, we continue! Of course, things in a complex game don't always go smoothly, and sometimes you need to ask for help in an out of character fashion. We've thought of a way to take care of that as well! On the left side of your chat window, you should see a 'Help' button. There are a number of players who have volunteered to answer out of character questions, and they listen there for them. This means that they may not tell you how to solve a quest, or where something is, but they will help you if you get stuck, and you can't move, or if you can't remember how to use the furnace.

Xargon Guurn smiles and looks at you in evaluation.

Xargon Guurn says: Let's see if you are paying attention... If you use the help channel to ask how to use the music settings in the client, is that an in character or out of character action?

Arihay is careful to respond "Out of character"

Quest Menu Choice: Out of Character?

Xargon Guurn says: Exactly, because it is not your character, but the -player- who is asking for help. Just type your question in the help tab and someone should be able to answer it. Please be patient though, as players have volunteered to help but are still trying to play the game themselves. You can also click on the Help button on the toolbar to bring up the help documents. These documents will explain all of the different commands you can use. Have you thought of playing an evil character or a good character, or someone who is an interesting mix of both?

Quest Menu Choice: I think I'll play a good hero type character.

Xargon Guurn nods.

Xargon Guurn says: I see. Well be aware that some players do play evil characters and are not necessarily being nasty to you as a player. Sometimes it is necessary to do things your character might not, especially to help out new players and to help assure that all players enjoy the game.  Now, we are nearly done at last, make yourself ready, my good Madam! Will you do your best to play fairly, without troubling other players, speaking politely and being friendly as much as your character background allows you?

Quest Menu Choice: Yes, of course I'll be a good player.

Xargon Guurn says: Excellent! Please remember to act in character when talking to others. We are all working towards a roleplayed atmosphere in PlaneShift. OOC -Out Of Character- text should be designated with parentheses or brackets. Remember your character knows nothing about computers, video games, the internet, or Picasso. You are familiar with Picasso, aren't you?

Arihay is careful to answer no because Picasso doesn't exist in this game

Quest Menu Choice: No never heard of him.

Xargon Guurn says: One of the more famous artists of the last century, he was. But one's character has never heard of this person, nor have they heard of dragons, or Germany. Xargon Guurn says: Read the Settings portion of the PlaneShift website for official information about the world your character belongs to: is a good place to begin.

Xargon Guurn says: Keep within the medieval fantasy atmosphere as much as you can. Roleplay is vital here, so let your imagination run free -within reason, of course!- and have fun with your alter ego!

Xargon Guurn grins and then opens a sack and offers you an item from the contents.

Xargon Guurn says: Here is your reward, Madam. Please choose the one you think you might get the most use out of!

Xargon Guurn waits for you to choose one.

Arihay selects a reward

Quest Menu Choice: Thanks for the gift and for your time helping.

Xargon Guurn says: My pleasure Madam. Now, there is more to be learned here in the tutorial area. If you wish to continue learning, just explore.

Xargon Guurn makes a graceful bow, his wings held high.

Xargon Guurn says: If you prefer to simply move along and enter the game, you may also do that. Just go back to the gate that is in front of Abelia and speak with Xenak.

Xargon Guurn bows and hands you a torch.

Xargon Guurn says: May Laanx frighten the shadow from thy path.

Arihay heads back to the places she started the tutorial at to find Xenak

Condensed Roleplaying Guide - Coming Soon (tm)
Public library / Re: PS Tutorial Guide
« Last post by Illysia Caterean on December 20, 2011, 12:58:09 AM »
Arihay turns to her right and heads down the path behind the building to look for Ibhaar

Quest Menu Choice: Are you the one who can teach me how to fight?

[NPC] Ibhaar Senad says: Yes indeed, you have come to the right place. Ibhaar Senad says: I am here to teach you how to fight.

Ibhaar Senad looks at you with a glazed expression.

Ibhaar Senad says: So shall we get started?

Quest Menu Choice: Yes I am ready, let's get this training started.

Ibhaar Senad says: Excellent! Warriors fight with a variety of different weapons, but we are going to start you out simply, defeating your opponent with your bare hands. Now, when you have won a fight, you have the opportunity to take loot from the body. Right-click the corpse and choose the Loot icon.  Anything they may have that's worth something will display in a panel, and you can choose to loot it or leave it. Any questions?

Ibhaar Senad chuckles and taps his weapons together.

Quest Menu Choice: Should I use a specific style of combat?

Ibhaar Senad grins.

Ibhaar Senad says: It's a great question! If you enable the information icon on the top, you will see a window with small sword, shield icons. Those are combat styles. Be sure to select normal if you want to hit. But feel free to try other styles. In full defensive you will not hit, or be hit. Are you ready to fight?

Quest Menu Choice: Ready as I will ever be!

Ibhaar Senad says: Ready or not, it's your time to prove your mettle. There are some large rats over there.

Ibhaar Senad points to his right at a brownish one-eyed rat with his hammer.

Ibhaar Senad says: I want you to go over to it, right-click on it, then choose the Attack icon. Don't give me any guff about loving all animals; this one will attack our children if we just let it remain here in the city. Kill one and bring me its hide afterwards as proof! If you don't find anything worth keeping on the first try, find another one to kill and loot it again. You won't pass this test until I get that rat hide.  Go on, fight!

Ibhaar Senad stands and watches you depart.

Ibhaar Senad says: If it gets to hurting you too much, don't forget that you can run! If the rat isn't there or you find it's unkillable because of issues related to the game, tell Ibhaar of the situation to move on.-

Arihay runs over to a rat, right clicks it and selects the sword icon. She  right clicks the dead rat and clicks the hand picking an item up icon to open the loot window. Then she clicks the sack icon once for each loot item before runing back to Ibhaar Senad

Quest Menu Choice: Here is the rat hide you asked for.

Ibhaar Senad says: Ah, very good.

Ibhaar Senad looks at the hide and nods.

Ibhaar Senad says: Excellent work, my friend. Now you now have the basic skills required to defend yourself. Next I suggest you pay a visit to Miss Orphia Eldri, Mistress of Magic. She will teach you a little bit about magic! If you continue along your way I am sure you can find her. Farewell, and stay vigilant!

Ibhaar Senad hands you your reward.

Arihay selects a reward then heads down the path behind the building to find Orphia.

Orphia's Dialogue Starts Here

Quest Menu Choice: I was told that you can teach me about magic, is that correct?

[NPC] Orphia Eldri says: Hail, my good Ylian. Yes, yes, yes I am the person you seek. You can study magic with me.  As you may know, PlaneShift has six Ways of magic, all powered by the might of the great crystal above us, the Azure Sun, and channeled with the focus of glyphs. The Six Ways are the Crystal way, the Dark way, the Brown way, the Blue way, the Red way, and the Azure way. Are you ready to learn more?

Quest Menu Choice: I am ready for your teachings.

Orphia Eldri says: Good. I hope you are enjoying what you are learning. It will be very helpful to you when you enter the world of Yliakum, the land where PlaneShift is set.

Orphia Eldri gives you eight round golden coins.

Orphia Eldri says: These eight golden circles are worth two thousand tria, and that is a little more than the price for a common magical glyph. I would like you to take these coins and buy an Air glyph from me, just for practice. To buy something from me, right-click on me and choose the Buy/Sell icon. A Merchant panel will appear. Select the Air glyph, and then push the Exchange button to buy it!

Orphia Eldri smiles.

Orphia Eldri says: Let me know when you are ready to continue.

Arihay right clicks on Orphia and clicks the hand dropping coins icon, clicks on glyphs, the air glyph, and then hands exchanging stones button. She buys one air glyph then talks to Orphia

Quest Menu Choice: I have it, now what?

Orphia Eldri says: Very well. Users of magic require special items, called glyphs, to cast their spells. The most common glyphs may be purchased through merchants, but others may be given in reward for dedicated service. Let's try getting one purified, shall we?  You may view your spell book with the Spell Book button on your toolbar or by using the C button. Just make sure you are not typing in the communication window when pressing C. At present you will not see much of anything in there, but in time a successful student of magic will acquire many spells.

Orphia Eldri smiles gently and brushes her hand along her magic staff.

Orphia Eldri says: Click on the Research Magic button at the bottom of the Spell Book window. In a new window you will see the glyphs in your inventory in six groups. Let me know if you see the glyph you bought.

Arihay opens the spell window by pressing the C button and she clicks on the research button

Quest Menu Choice: Ok, I opened the spell book, and I see the glyph.

Orphia Eldri says: Great! Now take the glyph and drag it over the left-most icon in the bottom left corner of the window. The icon is called Purify. Then the glyph will begin to purify! It may take a little bit of time. Check the Main tab on your Chat box to see when the glyph is purified. Tell me when you are ready to continue.

Arihay drags and drops the air glyph onto the purify icon and waits for the glyph to purify

Quest Menu Choice: Well, I am pretty sure I did it right, what's next?

Orphia Eldri says: Well done, the glyph is now purified, it means it can be used to research spells. You can try to access the spellbook and research a spell, but given your low knowledge you will probably not be able to find a spell for now. That's really all I can teach you for now, there is much more for you to learn but that will come in time as you grow in Yliakum. You may want to speak to Xargon, he is the last with a lesson for you. He can teach you all about role play and how important it is in the world of Yliakum.

Arihay heads down the path to her left to find Xargon. She walks down the stairs to avoid fall damage

Condensed Combat, Magic, and Buying Guide - Coming Soon (tm)
Public library / Re: PS Tutorial Guide
« Last post by Illysia Caterean on December 20, 2011, 12:38:20 AM »
Arihay reads the planeshift tutorial window and pays attention to the fact that not reading that window could make it hard to completely the tutorial and that you can only do the tutorial once. She clicks on the golden man icon and reads the new window.

Arihay heads over to Abelia and left clicks on her. She clicks on the new golden man icon then right clicks on Abelia and selects the mouth icon.

Quest Menu Choice:  Hello, I would like to start the tutorial.

[NPC] Abelia Aruine says: Hello to you as well! I am Abelia Aruine and I am here to help you. Before you enter the world of PlaneShift, you should take the time to learn a few basic things about the game from the six of us here. We will try to make it entertaining!

Abelia Aruine makes a graceful bow to you.

Abelia Aruine says: I will show you a few basic items, and then I will send you on to another.

Abelia Aruine smiles.

Abelia Aruine says: So! Are you ready to go on? Make sure I am highlighted and select 'Yes' from the menu if you are ready to continue. You must always have me targeted so that I may hear your words.

Arihay right clicks Abelia and selects the mouth icon again

Quest Menu Choice:  Yes, I'm ready

Abelia Aruine says: Very good, you have the hang of speaking with me now! You may have noticed the message saying that you got a quest. The game keeps track of your open and completed quests, you can click on the toolbar icon 'Quests' to see which ones are open or completed. Please do that now and let me know when you are ready.

Arihay clicks on the quests button to see the window then clicks the mouth icon again for Abelia

Quest Menu Choice: Yes, I am ready.

Abelia Aruine says: Okay, great, you can check the same window later on.  Let's now talk a little bit about movement so that you will be able to do some exploring! You have already learned how to move with ASDW keys, you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Abelia Aruine grins.

Abelia Aruine says: In addition I will give you a tip: if you get stuck somewhere due to some game bug, you will want to type /unstick in the chat window to return you to a safe location. When you are done giving things a try, select me and tell me that you are ready for more.

Arihay clicks the mouth icon again

Quest Menu Item: I am ready for more!

Abelia Aruine looks off to her right and then smiles as she turns her attention back to you.

Abelia Aruine says: Now, there is a dwarven lady just down the road her name is Neave Besetun. Abelia Aruine says: She will be your next teacher and you will find her if you go exploring off to my right. Be sure to tell her that Miss Abelia sent you.

Neave's Dialogue Starts Here

Arihay heads over to Neave off to her left. Then she right clicks and selects the mouth icon.

Quest Menu Choice: Miss Abelia sent me.

[NPC] Neave Besetun says: Ah, excellent! Welcome!

Neave Besetun grins at you.

Neave Besetun says: I am Neave Besetun and I'd be happy to show you a little bit about smithing and crafting things. During quests people will ask you to get items for them, to practice, go to Miss Abelia, ask for a book about blacksmithing and bring it back to me.  Tell her to give you the blacksmithing book, she should give it to you.

Neave Besetun waves goodbye to you.

Neave Besetun says: See you soon! Bring me the book!

Arihay heads back to Abelia to get the book to give back to Neave Besetun

Quest Menu Choice: Neave wants her blacksmithing book.

Abelia Aruine says: Oh! I should have given that back to her days ago.

Abelia Aruine smiles and gives you a small book smudged with sooty marks.

Abelia Aruine says: In order to give it to Neave right-click on her and select the GIVE icon. It is the one with the hand. Click on the book to pick it up from the inventory panel, and then click in the exchange panel to give it to her. Push the 'Accept Trade' button. I am certain that she will be happy to get her book back!

Arihay heads back to Neave with the book. She right clicks and selects the hand with a pouch button then she drags and drops the book from the inventory slot and places it in the trade window slot. She  clicks the button with the two hands holding stones to finish the trade

Neave Besetun grins as she accepts the trade and gives you a few blue six-sided coins, and an iron ore.

Neave Besetun says: Thank you very much, my good Madam, and there are some hexa for you. You have completed your first quest! If you wish to learn more, just right click on me again to see what quests I have to offer.

Arihay clicks the mouth button again to learn about blacksmithing

Quest Menu Choice: Hello, I believe you have some training for me.

Neave Besetun says: I may have.

Neave Besetun looks you up and down

Neave Besetun says: You're Arihay right? Yes, I remember you. Aren't you the one who brought my book back?

Arihay is careful to click the right response.

Quest Menu Choice: Yes, I did.

Neave Besetun says: Ah, I thought so. Good to see you again. Crafting is very important in PlaneShift. Now, for any skill or craft in PlaneShift, you will need training to gain experience and skill points.  This can be seen in your Skills and Stats window, the keyboard shortcut is the P key. Now me, I am a blacksmith. You'll discover that there are many other kinds of craftspeople as well, all hard at work making various things that a civilization needs! I you have some skill in mining or blacksmithing under Jobs in your Skills panel?

Arihay clicks on the skills button on the tool bar to check her skills then clicks the jobs tab to if she has any levels mining or blacksmithing. She tells Neave that she does not.

Quest Menu Choice: As it happens, I do not.

Neave Besetun says: It's all right, either way, your character will be able to learn many skills in the game.  Let's see if I can teach you something about blacksmithing and tools in general. Now, behind me is a furnace used for refining metals. Go ahead and right-click on it and choose the Examine icon. A panel will appear and show you what is in the furnace. Now you need to open your inventory with the icon found in the middle of the furnace window, or with the I key on your keyboard. Then please come back here when you saw the content of the furnace, my good Madam.

Arihay heads over to the furnace behind Neave, right clicks on it, and selects the eye icon. She examines the furnace then heads back to Neave.

Quest Menu Choice: Okay, I am ready to move on.

Neave Besetun says: Good work! Now I will explain how it all works. If you were going to actually use the furnace you would take the ore from your inventory and drop it in the open furnace window. Be careful not to miss or your item will end up on the ground! Now, you should always keep a close eye on your items when they are in the furnace.

Neave Besetun points to her eye and grins.

Neave Besetun says: Iron ore for instance, will turn into molten iron after a minute or two in the furnace, just watch and be patient. But don't wait too long or your items will eventually burn away to nothing. Now, feel free to have a play, but don't actually melt anything will you. In case you do want to play, here is an iron ore. Either way, just tell me when you are ready to move on.

Arihay heads back to the furnace and clicks the eye icon again, Then she clicks the backpack icon to open the inventory and drags and drops the iron ore in the furnace slot. She watches the iron ore closely as the item will change over time and will disappear completely if it is left in too long. Arihay drags the finished molten iron from the furnace slot back to an inventory slot and then heads back to Neave.

Quest Menu Choice: Alright, I think I have got it.

Neave Besetun says: Nice work, Arihay. Now, let's see, what else was I supposed to tell you about...

Neave Besetun rubs the side of her head gently with her hammer.

Neave Besetun says: ...oh yes, mining! Ah, great! That iron was dug from the ground by a hard-working miner. Miners take their rock pick out to places where they know they can find a certain ore or mineral.  Miners can dig up all kinds of things - iron, coal, silver, crystals, and even gold. If your character has skill in mining and a rock pick, you can type things like /dig iron, or /dig ruby, and if you are in the right place, you may find some!

Neave Besetun chuckles.

Neave Besetun says: That can be kind of exciting. All right, now you know a lot more than when you first got here, eh? Are you ready for more?

Quest Menu Choice: I am indeed, this learning new stuff lark is fun!

Neave Besetun says: Excellent, I like the attitude, but I think I have taught you all I can for now. May I suggest you pay a visit to Ibhaar for a bit of instruction in fighting. 'All citizens must be always prepared to protect themselves and defend their property.' That's what the law says, you know.

Neave Besetun nods with a serious expression.

Neave Besetun says: Yliakum has many dangers, Arihay. It will be good for you to be sure that you can protect yourself. Also, since you are so eager to learn I have a special gift for you as well, one rock pick.

Neave Besetun hands you a rock pick.

Neave Besetun says: Ibhaar is just down the way a little. Anyway, good luck with the crafting and don't forget to have fun!

Arihay turns to her right and heads down the path behind the building to look for Ibhaar

Condensed Movement and Crafting Guide - Coming Soon (tm)
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« Last post by Illysia Caterean on December 20, 2011, 12:24:25 AM »
Hello Everybody. I noticed that the original tutorial guide on the PS forums was either missing or gone, so I have made a new one to help people get through it. Due to the length of the tutorial, it will take several posts to get the whole walk through up, so I'll break it up by NPCs and highlight the actions taken by my character to get through it. My character's actions are in teal and the quest menu options are in blue. I'll also try to pick out important parts in the tutorial original text that are important. I'll bold them to help them stand out in the sea of words.

I'd also like to include my own condensed guide along with each section, to help cut down on the time you spend getting through the tutorial, but that will probably take a little bit longer to complete. I'll get this up as I can. For now, have fun getting started in Planeshift.

Table of Contents:
   Abelia and Neave : Movement and Crafting
   Ibhaar and Orphia: Combat, Magic, and Interacting with Merchants
   Xargon: Roleplaying
   Xenak: Leaving the Tutorial and Extra Tips
Public library / Re: Request for help with crafting books!
« Last post by Erelenga Karal on November 07, 2011, 09:59:18 AM »
As far as I remember a year backwards, I discussed this with Aljuvialle in game or in IRC. I tried to implement this patch but failed building a client which supported it correctly, my crafting books didn't contain a working "Save" button afterwards. But I was able to filter interesting information from the network packet exchange ... with little use due to my low levels. And I remember Aiwendil was able to get it running, so with a little help I could try it again.

I often tried to start implementing a website where one could enter available recipes, but never found enough spare time to finish it...

It is a pity that Aljuvialle disappeared not long after joining us.
Public library / Re: Request for help with crafting books!
« Last post by Andoryn Thaakor on November 05, 2011, 10:42:03 PM »

I'm amazed this has so little response... I have a legit reason not being able to...
Public library / Request for help with crafting books!
« Last post by Aljuvialle on August 20, 2010, 12:30:24 AM »
I ask you for help with saving contents of crafting books. I can't do it personally, because I don't have maximum levels in everything. (contents of this book are dynamic and depending on your crafting level)

There are 2 ways to do this:
1) retyping contents
2) apply simple patch, rebuild client from scratch and save contents with one button (I give patch, when somebody will need it)

PS: Please note, that "Working with stock" depends on 2 skills: blacksmith and metallurgy and you can craft nothing but making ingots and stocks from ore. I need this book too.

If you post book contents for me, please, put your rank which needed for the book. It is very useful information.
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