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This forum is hosted by Arianne Slaager, under the domain which is a personal, non-profit, no-ads domain, used chiefly for personal information, and hosting of sites, like this forum.

If there are problems arising while using this, or any other, site on this domain, an e-mail or personal message would be appreciated. If you're unable to login to write a personal message on this forum, send a mail to info (at) alphasys (dot) nl and it will be dealt with as soon as possible. Please supply any information you can give. If you are able to login, a personal message to Admin is the easiest way to get in contact with me, yet, not the speediest.

Feel free to browse the entire domain. It's open to the public, yet, most pages are (for now) in dutch. Babelfish might help here. For an overview of sites go to the main page, located on (where else)

A few words of warning while using this site, including this forum:
If possible, make your personal information hidden. Hackers and spammers will always try to search sites like this to gather information for their schemes. Don't give them the opportunity by making your personal information available to anyone. If you really need an e-mail adress of someone, ask for it in Personal Messages, which work fine.
Be curteous. This domain is paid for, by myself, without external support. Abuse of any part of this domain's pages or features will not be met well. Being an asshole will result in a permanent ban. Don't advertise, don't hack, don't even think about it. I've spent a lot of time setting this up, and while I don't have the resources to protect my data as well as some major companies have, I do have one thing: A DELETE BUTTON. And I will use it.

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Arianne Slaager